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Youth and community work training at SSCM prepares people for a variety of church and community-based work, allowing students to enter into a wide range of roles in the Christian, voluntary and statutory youth and community work sectors when they graduate.
At some point in the early twenty first century our world reached a significant milestone when the global population living in urban areas passed 50% for the first time. The move from traditional, rural life to cities has been a feature of industrialised societies for at least two hundred years, but today urbanisation has become a global phenomenon in which cities in the Southern hemisphere are exploding with unprecedented speed. The urban world of today presents massive challenges, reflected in the attention given to attempts to understand it in a wide range of academic disciplines. The challenge is no less serious and urgent for Christian theology and practice.

Leadership for a Changing Church

The church in Scotland faces changes and challenges from within and without. Its place in society has altered drastically, as has the culture it inhabits. These courses will help you to develop an appropriate response.

The Scottish School of Christian Mission is an approved Teaching Site for the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes of Nazarene Theological College. Nazarene Theological College is an Approved Partner of The University of Manchester, delivering programmes developed by Nazarene Theological College and Scottish School of Christian Mission, approved by and leading to an award of the University of Manchester.

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Students who successfully complete any of the above Nazarene Theological College Higher Education programmes at the Manchester or Glasgow site will receive an award of The University of Manchester.
We are also an approved centre for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and offer SQA-accredited courses.
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