urban mission

Ministry in the city

Urban Mission

At some point in the early twenty first century our world reached a significant milestone when the global population living in urban areas passed 50% for the first time. The move from traditional, rural life to cities has been a feature of industrialised societies for at least two hundred years, but today urbanisation has become a global phenomenon in which cities in the Southern hemisphere are exploding with unprecedented speed. The urban world of today presents massive challenges, reflected in the attention given to attempts to understand it in a wide range of academic disciplines. The challenge is no less serious and urgent for Christian theology and practice.

The MA in Theology (Urban Mission) is designed to enhance the effectiveness of a student’s ministry and equip them to be an agent of personal and social change in their urban environment.


Neopolis: The Scottish Centre for Theology and Ministry in an Urban World

Neopolis is a resource which provides training, theological reflection and research in issues relating to ministry in an urban world.