The (contemporary) theological library

The (contemporary) theological library

The changing nature of how education is delivered has been creating a set of new and complex challenges for those delivering library services and managing library spaces.

The libraries of the 21st century can no longer be familiar repositories for books. They should be changed and expanded, be rethought and redesigned. Libraries should now provide an increasing range of different services, using a multitude of media, and attempt to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Social trends underwrite the need to review what a library should be in terms of physical space and the historic library atmosphere of hushed silence is no longer appropriate in a culture of dynamic learning and social interaction. A library should be a neutral place that plays a distinct role in collective culture where different age, social and cultural groups with differing needs come into contact.

The Grogan Library aims to:
• Build and preserve a library collection with a breadth and depth of subjects, religious and theological perspectives.
• Raise awareness of responses to contemporary social issues from a faith perspective.
• Provide access to a specialised resource base on Christian theology and practice, particularly its role in local, national and international mission.
• Promote research, learning and education regarding Scotland’s Christian heritage.

Meeting these objectives will be done through the modernising of library service delivery and updates and proposals will be discussed in future blogs. It is important for libraries to encourage community collaboration when developing library services and managing related resources. Any suggestions, opinions or support/criticism can be emailed to the College Librarian.

Colin Wilson
College Librarian
Scottish School of Mission