Faith in Celebrity?

Faith in Celebrity?


Celebrity Culture and Shopping: two things I love!! Some might possibly say that I appear shallow for admitting this, however, I think these subjects raise huge issues that the Church needs to learn to deal with. Each month I intend to focus on certain issues that arise out of Celebrity Culture and Consumerism, and what an appropriate Christian response could be. To begin with, I will focus on Celebrity Culture.

I have grown up in a generation where celebrities are role models, people we should aspire to be like. I wanted to know what my favourite celebrities were doing and I especially wanted to meet them. To me, this was simply a hobby but as I have grown in my faith my view on celebrity culture has altered. I have concerns over celebrities becoming like demi-gods and the power they appear to have over young people in particular, through the rise in social media and the advances in technology.

My definition of Celebrity Culture is this: Celebrity Culture has the ability to reach many types of people by creating an image of what the ideal life seems to looks like. In particular, celebrity culture uses media and representation to place importance upon certain individuals deemed to be important. What it obviously fails to do is teach about the dangers and the impact of this culture.

This definition will help us to try and understand Celebrity Culture and the impact it has. However, many questions arise which I hope to explore such as:

Should Christians become involved with this culture? What is fuelling this culture and keeping it alive? How is Celebrity Culture impacting young Christians? And, dare I ask, would Jesus be considered a celebrity in this day and age?

Elyse Mackinnon (former student)