how to apply

Enquiries and applications

First of all, get in touch with us to chat things through here

We will explore with you what kind of course you might like to do, and answer any questions you might about courses, finance, lecturers, that kind of thing.


We can help guide you through the steps needed to make an application

Depending on the course you choose to study, there are different ways to make an application:


Applications for the following undergraduate programmes can be submitted via Nazarene Theological College here

BA(Hons) Theology (Youth and Community)

CertHE in Theology (Pioneer Ministry)


Applications for the following postgraduate programmes can be submitted via Nazarene Theological College here

MA in Theology (Urban Mission)

MA in Theology (Transforming Leadership)


(additional information on the submission process at Nazarene Theological College is available here)


Applications for the following SQA accredited courses can be obtained by contacting SSCM here

HNC Working with Communities

PDA in Youth Work



General questions about the College
For frequently asked questions, including those about eligibility, we recommend you take a look at our FAQ section.

Questions about your course
More information about all of these courses can be obtained from the relevant course page on this site, or by contacting us through our Contact page.

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