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We are part of the church, and need the prayers of God’s people. Even if you are not thinking about studying at Scottish School of Christian Mission you can make a huge contribution to the work we do here by praying regularly for us.


Pray for us today


  • Please pray that our students would flourish as they study at SSCM, that they would grow deeper and stronger in their faith, and that they would balance the practicalities of study, placement and other commitments
  • Please pray for staff as they attend various gatherings (e.g. Flourish, Spring Harvest) over the next couple of months to promote the college, that as people contemplate their role in mission, they would consider studying at SSCM
  • Please pray for the Board as they plan and lead SSCM, for wisdom and boldness.


Last updated: March 2018

Let us love one another 1 John 4:7