new life in christ

Responding to change

New life

The Scottish School of Christian Mission aims to equip the church to respond effectively to the missional challenges and opportunities in Scotland. We do this through the provision of training and education in youth and community work, urban ministry and pioneer and missional leadership.

Scottish School of Christian Mission is a successor to International Christian College, yet it is different from it. If you have been redirected here from the ICC website, you will notice
 changes have taken place in the study courses, yet some things remain the same.  

How did this come about?
What do students need? How should training be designed? Where should it take place? Asking questions such as these is vitally important if training for Christian mission and ministry in contemporary Scotland is to be relevant and effective. After a period of consultation with our students, board, team and a wider group of church leaders and supporters, we made a reassessment and began to take new steps toward becoming a new type of training organisation. 

Youth and community work
We recognise the ongoing need for specialised training in youth and community work, which we have a long track record in providing. Our courses still focus on practice, with placements in local churches and communities forming the central part of our training.

Urban mission
We were encouraged and inspired to move our school to the east end of Glasgow, a location that can help us become more active in recognising the challenges of faith in the urban setting.

Changing Church
We believe the changes we see in the church in Scotland are reflected in the way we are developing our practice. For example, we no longer offer the same degree courses as before because, these days, the practical needs of people embarking on mission and ministry are different. We also recognise the desire of many church leaders to bring change in and through their congregations. We aspire to become not only a teaching resource but also a place that brings the church and its people together to embrace change. Pioneer ministry and leadership development are essential for the church in Scotland to flourish.

Neopolis and the Grogan Library
We maintain a number of the features of International Christian College. For example, our team include ex-ICC staff; we are the home of Neopolis, The Scottish Centre for Theology and Ministry in an Urban World and we continue to offer our students the unique theological resource, the Grogan Library

Our vision of how we deliver training may be different from the past, but our future development is inspired by our International Christian College heritage. Our transition to a new life has been wholly empowered by the dedicated support and wise counsel of those who valued ICC. Please help us continue our work and give, volunteer, share and subscribe. Sign up to our newsletter to learn about upcoming courses and new developments! 

Over a hundred years of mission

The new Scottish School of Christian Mission has a rich history. It was born out of the Bible Training Institute (BTI), founded in 1892 in Glasgow, which became Glasgow Bible College, and out of Northumbria Bible College (formerly Lebanon Missionary Training College) in Berwick-upon-Tweed, both of which merged in 1998 to become International Christian College (ICC).

We aim to build upon the legacy, knowledge and expertise of all these colleges. We remain rooted in the BTI’s desire to equip Christians to transform the world in the name of Jesus Christ, whilst recognising that changes in society spur new thinking and methods, an approach pioneered by Northumbria Bible College in the 1990s.