Dis-abilities? Wellness, children and young people, and the church.

Dis-abilities? Wellness, children and young people, and the church.

How do we support children and young people who have a spectrum of physical and mental health needs and disabilities? This is a challenge faced by many of those involved in delivering youth and community work through churches and Christian organisations.

We have organised a training day that will provide an opportunity to look at some specific issues faced by children and young people with physical and mental health needs and disabilities. It will also explain the Scottish legislative framework and explore how we might offer a more welcoming and inclusive church environment for such children, young people and their families. Understanding the language of ‘wellbeing’ and GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child) from the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 will help you to engage with colleagues and partners from social services and other bodies that have a role in supporting children and young people in their communities. You will leave with practical ideas for making the environments in which you meet children and young people more welcoming and supportive.

The morning sessions will be led by Fiona Williams, who works as an Educational Psychologist for Glasgow City Council Education Services. She will speak in two sessions:
* Getting It Right For Every Child and young person in Scotland: the potential contribution of church workers
* Psychological issues facing young people: what can I do?

Afternoon seminars will include the following topics:
* The language- and communication-friendly church
* The socially- and emotionally-friendly church
* The accessible church
* Supporting those with mental health issues

We want to encourage you to bring a team of staff and volunteers from your church, and so we are offering a three for the price of two policy on the tickets.

We will be running this event on Friday 28th April from 10am – 4pm at Stirling Baptist Church, 67 Murray Place, Stirling FK8 1AU (the planned event in Glasgow on 29th April has been postponed).

Lunch and refreshments are included in the conference ticket price.

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