Sharing mission through the creative arts

Creativity in mission

We believe that sharing mission is enhanced by creativity. Art, film, graphics, music, theatre, can carry the message of Christ with powerful impact.

Digital project: video

We asked film maker and former student Sam Gonçalves to create a portrait of some of the missional work being done in Glasgow by some of our former students: these videos are the result. Please share.

Sam Gonçalves is a documentary filmmaker and youth and community worker in Dundee. His work often involves large cultural and political issues being explored through the stories of individuals affected by those issues. You can find out more about him or his films here or follow him on Twitter. Sam is currently working on a series of films about sandwiches.


Film short: Create Paisley

Create Paisley from Scottish School of CM on Vimeo.

Create is a creative arts youth initiative, based in Paisley. The project was born from strong relationships with the local young people and has developed into a rare community where the Paisley youth can get experience and training in music, arts, filmmaking and photography


Film short: Parkhead Nazarene

Parkhead Nazarene from Scottish School of CM on Vimeo.

When visiting Parkhead Nazarene, 'hospitality' was what everyone was talking about. This is a film about a church opening themselves up to the surrounding community in order to help them through some of the most difficult realities that can be faced in Parkhead. It was inspiring to see a community attempting to, in their own words, 'build the Kingdom of God' in a neighbourhood and speak against the powers that often oppress those people.


Film short: Glasgow City Mission

Glasgow City Mission from Scottish School of CM on Vimeo.

Glasgow City Mission works with homeless and vulnerable adults in the city. Though there is a pre-set image in the public consciousness of what a place like this must be like, this film attempts to show the development of a community that goes beyond 'service providers' and 'service users' - developing meaningful relationships and learning between the staff and clients, and seeing every individual who comes in as a unique story and not a single need that must be met.


Digital project: Graffiti Verses

Former student Rachel Taylor made a collection of graffiti during her time at college where she studied Youthwork. This has been used to create a series of postcards which are available from the College, just contact us for a set. Or alternatively they can be seen here.

Rachel says, "I've been fascinated by graffiti art for years and have always felt that there's a real truth to it. The artist being - almost always - anonymous means that they have chosen to create art or leave a message that is truly important to them. Anonymity can inspire great honesty, and I love pondering what these artists have chosen to share. The times when the image or message speaks explicitly of God are such an encouragement to me: when these people had one message to share, they chose to share Jesus. It's inspiring".