A Christian take on the fashion industry

A Christian take on the fashion industry

Top: Forever 21
Faux Leather Moto Vest: Forever 21
Jeans: Zara
Bag: Carvela, Kurt Geiger
Boots: Office


There are thousands of bloggers online who make it their duty to tell us how to wear certain clothes, which brands to wear, and which type of clothing suits our body shapes. Many go through the process of how I started this blog, especially because followers of these blogs love a bit of inspiration! Normally they also post links of where exactly you can buy them. Like it or not, everyone has an opinion on fashion. What you choose to wear tells another person something about you – even if you are trying your very best to avoid this.

The Fashion Retail Industry is arguably one of the biggest industries within the United Kingdom and Western society. It is simple: people need clothes, so they go to the shops (or go online) and purchase them. But what does this ultimately cost? As I go through the next few months, I hope to come up with an appropriate Christian response regarding Consumerism in the Fashion Retail Industry.

For the last five years I have worked in retail, so I come with experience of being within this industry. I have loved my job, but I look forward to my time in retail coming to an end when I won’t go through an internal battle of “is this right?”.  Yes, we need clothes, but what about the people who make the clothes and earn little money, while the people in charge are pocketing millions of pounds each year? I find myself asking: “Is it right to play a small part in this industry, should Christians interact with it, or does it promote negative ethical values?”.

Each of these questions are important to be asked when looking for an appropriate response, and once we have a response I hope I appear to be more at ease with this industry. Watch this space.

Elyse Mackinnon
Former student president


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