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Changing Church in Scotland


MA in Theology (Transforming Leadership)

What is it about?
Many Christian leaders understand that the context(s) in which they serve are undergoing deep and lasting change. They want to take the congregation and/or organisation that they lead through processes which will help them to respond appropriately to this. They are interested in understanding the changing socio-cultural context and in developing the skills and capacities to lead these change processes.

This MA pathway is intended for those who have some experience of leadership as Christians in churches, charities or other organisational contexts, on which the learning and study process can then build. It is characterised by a strong emphasis on reflective learning based on this prior experience and on peer learning. Students will be able to integrate this reflective learning with new knowledge and apply it to new situations. They will practice this during the programme by leading a process of change and reflecting on the outcomes and personal learning achieved during this process.

Why study this programme?
• Designed for those with some experience in Christian leadership, who want to grow and develop their skills in this area.
• Special features include the design and implementation of changes during the programme, and reflection and learning thereon.
• An emphasis on the development of practical leadership skills, integrating these with the best current thinking about leadership.
• Course leaders include those with long experience of leadership in a variety of different contexts.
•This programme is designed to help you bring about change and grow as a leader in your current context.

What are the course aims and outcomes?
On completion of the course, the student will have achieved the following:
• Detailed and critical reflection on the contextual factors driving change in their situation.
• A careful understanding of leadership and people management and of how organisations work.
• The ability to develop an appropriate model of change for their context and to demonstrate learning drawn from the implementation of that change.
• The ability to reflect theologically on their own practice of leadership and the effect they have on those they lead.
• The integration of current theory with models of best practice and personal learning in order to develop an informed and effective practice in leadership.

Placement options
This Masters level programme is designed so that students can stay in their local context of ministry, service or work while gaining an advanced degree. Research, learning, reflection and practice are built around intensive residential weeks that are generally held in January and May each year. The student’s own context is a key part of their study.

Academic Validation and Professional Recognition
The programme is validated by the University of Manchester and as such is an internationally recognized qualification.

Next point of entry September 2017
Length up to 3 years part-time
Location Glasgow and Manchester

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Certificate of Higher Education in Theology (Pioneer Ministry)

What is it about?
The Christian Church in the western world now finds itself operating in what is widely recognised as a radically changing, post-Christendom context. As a result, the Christian Church must consider itself as being in a pioneering and missional environment in a new social reality, leading to the need to reflect upon the practices and presuppositions of both the Church and its surroundings. Pioneer ministry, by definition, is innovative and does not rely on any fixed approach or method. Therefore the programme is devoted to preparing students with skills and knowledge that may be applied to a range of varied and creative settings.

The Certificate in Theology (Pioneer Ministry) programme aims to bring coherence to this form of ministry through a commitment to an entrepreneurial approach that takes account of both the biblical texts and the student's own cultural context.

Why study this programme?
• The course will help students develop reflective skills and to apply biblical, theological, historical, sociological and missiological insights to pioneer ministry.
• It will equip students for a range of ministry vocations which fall within what can be described as pioneering ministry. In general, these vocations seek to establish forms of church and ministry that are appropriate to our changing culture and context.
• The course will also give attention to areas of personal and spiritual development that are essential to the role of a missional pioneer.

Features of the course
• Students will gain a renewed understanding, informed by Scripture, theology, tradition and history, of the essential missionary nature of the Christian church within society.
• Students will gain skills that will enable them in the undertaking of cultural analysis of contemporary contexts.
• Students will reflect on missional forms and practices of the Christian church within their own immediate context.
• Students will focus on pioneering engagement with wider society in ways that engage with the mission of God in the world.
• Students will be involved in required placements covering a range of pioneering opportunities.

Placement options
Placements are available in a wide variety of contexts within Scotland. These could range from churches and youth projects to innovative work with schools and colleges, streetwork with marginalised young people and creative arts-based projects, such as youth theatre, street art, dance and music schemes. These could be urban, rural or anything in between. By definition, pioneer ministry breaks new ground and so we will work with students to create appropriate placement opportunities that are themselves a form of pioneer ministry. Bring your own vision!

Academic Validation and Professional Recognition
The programme is validated by the University of Manchester and as such is an internationally recognized qualification.

Next point of entry
 September 2017
Length: one year full-time
Location: Glasgow and Manchester

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