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Archives and Dissertations

As a college that has grown out of many preceding organisations and institutions, the SSCM archives, housed in the Grogan Library, provide a wealth of materials illuminating not just the Christian history of the city of Glasgow (and further afield), but its wider social history.

Cataloguing and organising this vast collection of archive material is an ongoing task. Apart from the papers and documents attached to the history of the Bible Training Institute, we also hold papers, artefacts and photograph associated with the Glasgow United Evangelistic Association (GUEA).

A committee formed in 1874 in the aftermath of the D.L. Moody revival created the GUEA, its purpose “Uniting the churches in evangelistic work among the masses” was very forward-thinking. Apart from the evangelistic services and open-air preaching encouraged by the original committees, we find listings and documents pertaining to the many evangelistic associations working hard in a hard-working city. This kind of commitment to working in the city is still reflected in the college today with our focus on Urban theology and training for Urban ministry.

The archive listings are currently available on the Library catalogue and a project has begun to digitise these holding to make them available as a research resource. We have many enquiries for family connections, biographies of illustrious GUEA members and their achievements and for the many amelioration societies attached and administered under the aegis of this worthy association.

Please contact the Librarian with any requests for information.



There are over 450 dissertations in the Library Collection. This includes BA(Hons), MA, PhD, and Cambridge Diploma theses and dissertations produced by graduates of International Christian College, Glasgow Bible College, the Bible Training Institute, Northumbria Bible College, and Lebanon Missionary Bible College, going back the 1970s. These have been digitised and are available to view on the Library catalogue.