• Pioneer ministers
  • New urban landscape

Where mission meets real life

The Scottish School of Christian Mission responds to the needs of people from Scotland and beyond who want to dedicate their lives to serving Christ whether in mission, ministry, their workplaces or their communities. Based in Glasgow, we provide training and education in youth work and community work, urban ministry, and pioneer and missional leadership.

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  • Youth and community work

    Youth and Community work training at Scottish School of Christian Mission prepares people for a variety of church and community-based work, allowing students to enter into a wide range of roles in the Christian, voluntary and statutory youth and community work sectors when they graduate.

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  • Urban mission

    The urban world today presents challenges, reflected in the attention given to it in a wide range of academic disciplines. The challenge is no less serious and urgent for Urban mission.

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  • Changing Church in Scotland

    The church in Scotland faces changes and challenges from both within and without. Its place in society has altered drastically, as has the culture it inhabits. Scottish School of Christian Mission Changing Church courses help you to develop an appropriate response.

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2 Corinthians 1 20 No matter how many promises god has made they are yes in christ

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Grogan Library Readership

The Grogan Library includes books not only from an evangelical perspective but also from other theological traditions. Containing around 30,000 volumes and with access to over 1,000 journal titles, The Grogan Library provides access to a specialised resource base on Christian theology and practice, particularly its role in local, national and international mission.


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What they say

“You are already a missionary. You already have a ministry. Every day when you go to school or work or Starbucks or the pub or to the gym, or wherever you go: you have a ministry. If you want help to focus that ministry and get some solid teaching under your belt and help in how make your ministry the best it can be from some excellent, and currently practising, lecturers, then come and take a course. Even just a module or two will help you. But don’t wait till you have a degree to start.
Let God use you now!”